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Pokémon Gold Pack Bundle 4 Packs & 2 Mini Binders

Pokémon Gold Pack Bundle 4 Packs & 2 Mini Binders

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Pokemon Card Gold Pack BUNDLE of 4 x Packs + 2 x Mini Binders

You will receive 4 x Pokemon Gold Pack of 25 Cards + 2 Official Pokémon Mini Binder

Each package includes 25 authentic Pokémon cards.

You are guaranteed to receive at least 8 holo cards & 1 ultra-rare card VMAX - VSTAR - EX - GX - V or Better ( It is also possible to receive a Hyper Rare card or Gold Secret Rare as well)

Here is exactly what each package contains:

  • 25 authentic Pokémon cards
  • 8 Holo Cards ( Reverse Holo & Holo Rare )
  • 1 Ultra Rare Card (VMAX, VSTAR, EX, GX, V or better (Possibility of receiving a Hyper Rare or Gold Secret Rare card as well)
  • NO ENERGY CARDS (If you want energy cards, just let us know when you place your order and we'll be happy to give you some for free)
  • The condition of the cards is NEAR MINT-MINT Pack Fresh.
  • The perfect gift to receive or to give!


We have a wide variety of cards, which is why whether you buy 1 or 50 packs, the chances of getting the same cards multiple times are extremely low.



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